Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sephora F&F Sale ♥ What did YOU order?

Omgosh. Do you think I went overboard? I'm feeling a little guilty ... but not really. I think that's normal. The only reason why is because I set a budget and I went over it. O.k so if you didn't know I recently started working at Target! :D Yes, I got the job! So thank you for anyone who hoped that I would finally get a job! That makes me feel like somebody cares! ♥ Here's what I ordered, this was so frustrating, it took me about 2-3 days to make a final decision. But I'm satisfied with it because these are the things I really wanted!

Kat Von D Sinner Perfume Set
Kat Von D Concealer in Light ( & I hope to God that it's the right shade for me, hope it's not too light ... because I am medium in Benefit's Erase Paste )
Urban Decay All-Nighter Spray ( One of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube, saaammage, ♥ her!, loves this and likes it better than MAC Fix + )
Philosophy Have a Cherry Christmas 3-in-1 ( You know what I mean by 3-in-1, shampoo, showergel, bubble bath ) I'm excited because I've never tried one of these products from Philosophy and I take baths all thee time and thought this would make it more enjoyable. This was my first choice, when I saw it I wanted it.
Philosophy Snow Angel Set ( Ok, when I saw this, I knew I had to have it. I don't know why. I think it's because it reminded me of back in the day Bath & Body Works had the Art Stuff line for tweens and I loved this sparkle spray called Snow Angel ♥. Also I like the snow angel from Neopets. Lol.
Philosophy Best of Sephora Set ( I had to do math throughout this whole research process trying to figure out what I was going to order and this came out to be a great value. I just tried a sample of Hope in a Jar and Purity Cleanser  last night and I love it already so I figure I'd get them for 20% off. I'm basically getting the two grace items for free. )
Sephora Precision Pore Cleansing Pad. (  I recently fell in love with the concept of using this sort of tool and I'm a little worried to use a face brush even if it says it's gentle. I noticed this product on Sephora and the back of my toothbrush, which is like this, I use to exfoliate my lips which works perfectly. I definately don't use the actual toothbrush because it rips my lips up! I wouldn't suggest that method to anyone. It's very ew. I recently used the nice back of my toothbrush as a face brush, just to test the method and I love it. The Sephora one looks just like the back of my toothbrush only bigger and made for my face. I assume this is like the fairly recent Clean & Clear 360 facial duo with the rubber scrubblet and face wash. Only I don't like how it has a big back to it and I didn't really want the facial cleanser though I heard it's nice. I'm excited to use my Purity cleanser with this, which is what I tested the back of my toothbrush with, the sample of Purity I got from Sephora! It was ♥!

So there you have it, this is my order, it's already processing and hopefully I'll get it soon! Funny I didn't get any makeup items besides the KVD tattoo concealer! But I didn't want any. I was going to get Benefit Bad Gal Lash, which I've been wanting just because the packaging attracts me, but I think with these selected items I made it more worth it and the mascara got mixed reviews anyways. I'd rather try Maybelline Falsies first. I would've picked up Urban Decay's Naked Palette but it was sold out. I do believe it is at my Sephora store however, so it sucks I couldn't get the discount but I'm not too hurt. I was looking at eyeshadow palettes, like the ones with lots of colors and 'great value' but for example I friggin' do not like the packaging of Urban Decay's stuff. It's too cartoony and crazy for my tastes. Yes it's fun, but I just really don't want that around lol, it's too much. I'm glad they have it, but it just turns me off though I would love the shadows. I am not a crafty depotting kind of person. Not my style. Was looking at Lorac palettes but decided not to buy. As you may know, the sale ends on I would say the 2nd of November just to be sure ( although it says the 3rd ) and the promo code is FF2010. They only do this once a year so I would take advantage of it. Have you been eye-ing something? Go get it, NOW! By the way the total damage was: $188.79 ( Gasp. omgosh I just added that up and am shocked. I hope I can pull it off, I'm like so worried now. omgosh ... uhhh ... but I saved a lot of money?! ) This all was worth $218! Therefore I saved, $29.21, that is pretty damn good, now if I had lots of money ... uh ... yeah ... that could be used to buy sumpin' else. Ya see? Eek. Omgosh. Well,

If you've already ordered or are planning to, what did you get or what are you getting?! I'm excited to know!

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