Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hello hello. Ok, I've been working pretty much everyday ... I have no time to beauty blog. I don't know where this is going but a lot has happened since I started and I feel like this is sort of on pause. I'm sure no one is one my butt about it, but I don't know where this is going as I said. My kitties are better, I sort of want to start over with this beauty blog. I don't want the title to be venomous villains, the url, but this was my first shot. I don't know what I'm going to do, but will figure it out sooner or later. Thanks for reading.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Update ( Public Diary )

Dear Readers,
I haven't been posting anything. I've been working and have no energy. I feel the need to express some things. I have been very upset lately because my kitties haven't been themselves lately, they are sick and I've been really depressed since. I also work every night and on through the early morning. I worked lastnight from 11pm to 6am. Do you catch my drift? I am currently selling a brand new unopened Urban Decay NAKED Palette on eBay if you are interested, here's the link: There are 5 days left. I have my own palette which I used for the first time last night for work and I must say, I'm very pleased with it. The colors are GORGEOUS, I will post pictures when I have ... energy.

Beauty Related: I've been sampling around foundations by Bobbi Brown, Dior and NARS. I've been very interested in Bobbi Brown lately. I've been eyeing lots of things. My boyfriend bought me the first thing on my wishlist lastnight which is my Clarisonic MIA. I chose the white one. It comes with a charger and a small cleanser in a tube. You're supposed to charge it for 24 hrs. before you use it, but I tried it when I got home, it already had some power in it and I must say that it made my skin feel different. It felt much smoother. I can't wait to keep using it and see and feel my skin improve. I think I'll use it with my proactiv because I'm still on my regimen and would like to keep it that way, my skin still needs improvement but it has improved since I started using my proactiv again ( gentle formula ). Thanks for reading.

Please pray for my two kitties, Allie & Jetta, please if you can. Thankyou and God Bless. -Emily.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


This is my beloved new Proactiv Gentle Formula Kit. It works. Enough said. 

View All Photos |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕
View All Photos |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sephora F&F Haul ♥ Part I

For My Blog |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕For My Blog |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕

I was shocked at the size comparison of the full size Philosophy Have a Very Cherry Christmas and the Snow Angel. WOW. Everything is so huge! Except for the Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer and the All-Nighter Spray. I thought they looked smaller in person. But I am so happy with my choices! Soon I will have my Se
phora F&F Haul Part II! I will have my first bath with Philosophy tonight! Woohoo! :D
For My Blog |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕
This is so pretty. My camera doesn't show how pretty it is IRL.
For My Blog |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕
Shocked at how BIG these were!
For My Blog |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕
For My Blog |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕For My Blog |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕For My Blog |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕
I'm loving the size of the Philosophy products.
For My Blog |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕
Can't wait to try this baby out.
For My Blog |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕
The smaller stuff.
For My Blog |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕
Kat Von D - Sinner Perfume Set!
For My Blog |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕For My Blog |  ♕ ɛღilყ αɳŋɛ  ♕

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

YouTube Beauty Gurus, What NOT to do & My Favorites

Do you ever go to edit your posts to delete your drafts and you accidentally delete one of your posts? I just did that. Anyways, there is something on my mind. I am sad that there aren't many beauty gurus on youtube that I am faithfully subscribed to. Why? There a lot of reasons. And here is a list of things you should keep in mind if you are a youtube b.g or are planning to be! :) Here are my opinions on what makes a poor channel IMO! You might not agree, but my feelings are so strong on this subject. Do not take it personally. In fact, I wouldn't take anything in life too personally if you can.

1. You have an annoying intro. Please don't start your channel like a sitcom. Please don't start your channel with hip hop and sparkles or glamour shots of yourself. Gee, you're so pretty it's offensive. If you've seen Queen Beeuty's channel, it's pretty much the limit for me. And I feel the need to mention that she is one of the few I am subscribed to, and my favorite gurus will be mentioned towards the end of this post. I want to get straight to the video. PLEASE don't do that. I understand you want to show off your personality. I understand that you're channel is special and deserves an intro. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, because it ISN'T MY channel, it is YOURS. BUT I'm telling you, if you're intro is annoying, I'm not going to watch your videos. Does that really matter? No, because other people will watch it. 
2. If you look like a barbie or a Kim Kardashian wannabe, you probably won't spark my interest. I feel like a lot of girls emulate a certain look, and I'm tired of it. The hair extensions, the fake tan, the louis vuitton bag sitting behind you, please stop.
3. You're BORING. This is probably the worst. I liked to check out new people with not many views, and now I know why there aren't many, so NOW I don't really care. I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, but some people are just plain boring. Monotone voice, long strung out speech, no personality, you're making me fall asleep. Please drink some coffee or something or be in a better mood before you start filming. 
I feel there is planning involved, and techniques you should use when being filmed!
4. You're fake. Self explanatory.
5. Crappy camera, crappy lighting, crappy sound.
6. Music in the background. I can't stand that, I won't even watch.
7. You're a bitch. 
8. You don't acknowledge your viewers, any of them.
9. You are a liar. 
10. You're a fucking ADVERTISEMENT.
Did I miss anything?

NOW, for the good stuff.
( all 4 of which are very unboring to watch! )
VintageorTacky ( Cora ) The Goober! This CHICK is AWESOME. I'm so happy when I'm watching her, she really brightens my spirits. I can't say enough good things about Cora. 
My Photo
Saaammage* ( Sam, Samantha ) Straight to the point. Love it. 
TheCurrentCustom* ( Lorraine ) WHO doesn't like Lorraine Stanick??!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Plymouth Barbie

Please check out Plymouth Barbie's Beauty Spot! She looks like she could be Lady Gaga's sister. If ya didn't know I love Lady Gaga. Basically this chick is really hott lol. Her blog is beautiful. She tagged my blog :) and I'm extremely flattered. Check out her blog!
We have the same last name. :) This was one of fifteen tagged for her time to tag this blog award. I thought this was really sweet because my blog is still pretty new. So thankyou, JO!
XO Emily Anne Woods.

♥ Jo Woods